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Time Pieces & Watches

Best of Menswear

Come take a look at some of the most creative and timeless jewelry pieces in men’s fashion:

The first find is an eye-catching Royal Oak Offshore wristwatch collection. This line of timepieces combines function and design by allowing the engineering components of the watch to show through its face. They come in incredible, high-tech motifs while still maintaining a sleek look in gold, silver, black, and more.

If you’re looking for something a bit less traditional than something to keep the time, you may want to try the William Henry snake pendant. This serpentine creature is made of dull silver, giving it a rather edgy appearance. Designed with intricate scales, its head seems more like a dragon than a snake with eyes that pierce as deep as the fangs in its open mouth.

For a classy look that never goes out of style, you can’t go wrong with the Grand Band’s cufflink pairs. The options range from contemporary to traditional and come in a range of styles. For a minimalist vibe, Grand Band offers a pair of onyx cufflinks with one silver circles enclosed in a larger onyx one; for a grittier look the silver and cubic zirconia skull-shaped cufflinks. There are also more traditional pieces, like the plain rectangular pair engraved with a single “M” at the center. Feel free to take a peak and pick out something that speaks to you.

A Time for Cloisonné

Cloisonné is a French word that refers to an ancient and meticulously detailed technique for designing metalwork. This technique, which requires thin silver or gold wire strips to separate the object into compartments, has been used for clothing, weapons, and jewelry, among other things. From its place of origin — the Ancient Near East — this style traveled eastward, reaching China in the 14th century. The “compartments” (called cloisons) made by wire edges were filled with brightly colored gemstones and glass inlays or, in more recent eras, enamel. These inlays are made into intricate and ornate patterns that inevitably attract the eye. It’s not surprising, therefore, that pieces of jewelry with this design would fetch a heavy sum. Especially one that is also a timepiece, where this tricky design technique is made even more complex by the presence of the inner gears and outer hands that move along the watch’s face. A wristwatch made with a cloisonné dial is fairly rare. Even rarer — given this method’s frailty — is a cloisonné dial that is still in perfect, never-been-repaired, condition.

For these reasons, the 18-karat gold Rolex in Christie’s December auction of Important Watches attracted an impressive sum. The dial of this automatic wristwatch depicts an exquisitely colorful map of the Western Hemisphere, replete with fish and seagull shapes and daggers as well as a polychrome cloisonné compass in the bottom left quarter of the face. After an estimate of $200,000-$400,000 value, the piece sold in New York for $425,000. A great catch, according to Jeffrey Hess, who co-wrote a book about Rolex watches. Hess generally avoids offering advice to collectors about what to buy, but when it comes to cloisonné dial watches, he is more than willing to break his own rule. They are, as he explains, “the crowning glory of any collection.”

Apple Watch

For all you Mac fans, there’s a new product coming out shortly called the Apple Watch. The first pre-­orders, which opened April 10, are scheduled to arrive next week. The newest timepiece was so popular that orders are already backed up until July.  What makes this watch so trendy?  Well, aside from its coveted brand name, the Apple Watch has a number of attributes intended to bring online communication and other technology right to your fingertips… or at least to your wrists. Features include social media updates, Siri, phone calls, and plenty more.  Using ‘taptic’ (i.e., vibrating) feedback, the watch can alert its wearer of incoming emails and calls. From your wrist you will be able to access your credit card, passport, and music cache as well as track your exercise and, in limited quantities, store photos.  If that’s not enough, it also achieves the unbelievable: it tells time, too!

Although the battery life may not last the anticipated full day, CEO Tim Cook has promised 18 hours of use for an average person’s day. There’s also a pleasant range of styles, from aluminum sports bands to sleek gold pieces.  In fact, there are over 30 different designs to choose from.  It may be hard to decide, but that also ensures you find just what you’re looking for.

Men at the Oscars

It’s no surprise that the women at the Oscars wore elegant and distinguishing ensembles, but many of the men that evening stepped up their game as well, with some sleek decorative pieces to spice up their attire.

Jared Leto wore a Cle de Cartier wristwatch, which won’t be available to the public for another two months. The white gold watch has a leather strap, along with a round face set in an elongated outer shell (a shape called “tonneau”).  Steve Carell also walked the red carpet in a sleek timepiece.  This white gold watch, called Midnight Date, was designed by Harry Winston and features an analogue clock that takes up only two thirds of the face; the lower third, surrounded by a smaller outlined circle, is a digital counter for the seconds.

Carell also had a pair of gold cuff links, designed as irregular polygons with a thin outer rim and a convergence of the two gender symbols for male and female. The overlapping symbols represent the logo for Emma Watson’s gender equality campaign called HeForShe.  Another who promoted the cause on the night of the Oscars was Jake McDorman, whose own cuff links bore the same logo.  Both pairs were designed by Monique Pean. The men certainly chose to make their statements in style!

It’s Louis Time

Louis Vuitton has unveiled a new line of wristwatches recently, a selection of different colored timepieces with a glamorous, numberless face. The entire middle of the piece is studded with tiny diamonds and the outermost circumference (called a bezel), which is surrounded by a raised silver rim, has a single row of slightly larger versions of the same dazzling gem.

The splash of color comes at the center: a windmill-shaped centerpiece of bright red, pastel blue, or vibrant pink. This nature-inspired design is a hand-painted array of purple branches, all of which is set beneath two sleek silver clock hands.  The watch is attached to an alligator strap of the same color as the centerpiece chosen.

Whatever you do, take great care of this watch because it took an average of thirty hours just to paint the center-most design!

You can see the entire timepiece collection here: