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For All the Moms out There

Every year on Mother’s Day, millions of people express their gratitude for the women who had a hand in raising them. One of the most popular gifts of the day is jewelry — from bracelets to pendants to brooches to rings galore.  While anyone can appreciate a tasteful bit of bling, these commercial — perhaps repetitive — products may start to feel a bit trite year after year. But of course you may not want to sacrifice the quality found in fine jewelry for the sake of a more thought-out, personal gift.  Which is why this year, for Mother’s Day, you don’t have to! You can give your mom something tailored to her own unique spot in your life, a piece that expresses just how much she means to you while maintaining the elegant flair of commercial jewelry.

Kay’s offers a number of options to connect in just the right way. One piece is a Family Tree Necklace, a chain with stackable silver discs. (The customer can select anywhere from one to three discs per necklace.) The uppermost disc is engraved with a tree, and each disc includes a message of your choice. A similar option is available with a paw print or heart instead of a tree.

You can even customize your jewels without any words at all! Kay’s offers a number of rings and necklaces that allow the customer to add their choice of birthstones (as many as ten on one piece!). You can mount one stone for each of her children; what a perfect gift to a nurturing mother from those whom she loves most.

Cha-Cha Cowie

If you’re a couple who is leaning toward marriage, you may want to push off your engagement for a couple of weeks, at least until May rolls around. What happens in May? A partnership between Blue Nile and the acclaimed Colin Cowie, which will debut a selection fine jewelry with a special focus on engagement rings. Cowie is television’s ‘nuptial’ expert, having appeared on talk shows such as Oprah Winfrey and Ellen DeGeneres, to name a few.  He has also hosted the Lifetime TV series Get Married for nearly a decade. Between planning celebrity parties, it seems he also likes to dip his fingers into the fine jewelry side of the design pool.

In this upcoming partnership, for which he will act as Blue Nile’s official spokesperson, Cowie admits to having “a passion for jewelry, and [he is] in the business of romance, which go hand in hand.”  Although no pictures are currently available, Blue Nile has released a description of the variety that will be offered.  Pieces in the collection will be made of one of three materials: 14 karat white gold, 18 karat yellow gold, or platinum.  Design options include a few of the most popular engagement ring styles: solitaire (a single stone mounted atop an otherwise bare ring), halo (a stone accompanied by a bejeweled band), and the three ­stone form (a single larger gem sandwiched between two smaller stones).  This commission expects to produce a sizable assortment, enough to feed four separate jewelry collections — ­­ three women’s lines and one for men.

If you’re not ready to walk down the aisle, don’t feel disappointed.  In addition to wedding­ related creations, Blue Nile’s newest production will include necklaces and bracelets, as well as earrings and a few pendants. No matter the reason ­­ upcoming nuptials, some other milestone, or simply a desire to freshen your inventory ­­ make sure to check out Blue Nile’s May release.

Helzberg Sale

Helzberg Diamonds is having an online and in-­store clearance celebration, offering up to $1,000 off products in all shapes, sizes, and price brackets. The discount ranges from cheaper dainty pieces ­­ like the double-­digits pendant with two interlocking silver hearts and the word “mom” (something to keep in mind for Mothers’ Day, just over a month away).

They also have significant cuts for their pricier items.  Most notable is a 14 karat white gold bracelet, encrusted with a total of 217 round brilliant diamonds arranged in a floral chain. This dazzling piece, once nearly $10,000, is now being sold for just over half its original price at $6,000.  And though diamond is Helzberg’s specialty, you will definitely find expert manipulation of various other precious stones, as in the diamond and blue sapphire engagement ring, which has each of sixteen sapphires encased in a black square setting.

This major sale is valid for only the next couple of days, so be sure to check out these products­­ as well as others ­­soon.  Visit to view more.

Going Public!

In the summer of 2005, the site Etsy was launched as an online marketplace of handmade and vintage products, including art, knick­-knacks, and of course jewelry.  According to its CEO, this Amazon­-esque website values the small businesses, the micro-­producers, and the crafts-­makers over the mass­-producing manufacturing companies.

Well, those standards have certainly paid off; at the end of last year Etsy had a 54 million registered members (which doesn’t include the countless unregistered users) and upwards of 29 million items listed for sale. Until now, if you wanted to get in on the action you were out of luck.

Until very recently, Etsy was a private company. But as of earlier this month, the company has finally gone public, releasing privately held shares for public sale. At an estimated $100 million, Etsy’s IPO (initial public offering) is one of the largest for an online company in over a decade. Does that suggest the promise of even greater strides for this civilians’ e­market? Only time will tell.


Blue Nile Update

Last month we mentioned Blue Nile’s plans to open its very first retail store after the drop in sales caused by its lack of a physical presence in the jewelry market.  After success with its year of test ­runs, setting up showcases in some Nordstrom stores, Blue Nile has decided a brick and mortar outlet is the way to go.  Until now, however, the location of this highly anticipated building has been kept under wraps. Well, we may have an update on that.  Although nothing has been made official, information on its website suggests that the first store will be opening on Long Island, NY.  There has been no definitive timetable either, though analyst experts have said they believe it will happen some time in the second quarter. If you’re passing by New York, keep your eyes peeled for more intel!

Presidents’ Day

Presidents’ Day is a great day (or weekend) for shoppers seeking out furniture, electronics, clothing, and an assortment of other purchases. What you don’t tend to see, however, are too many price cuts for jewelry.  Especially since it falls so close to Valentine’s Day, a holiday ripe with sales in the jewel market, Presidents’ Day tends to fall flat in that area in comparison. That’s why it was a rather pleasant surprise last year to find some jewelry stores, like Szul, offering up to — and in some cases more than — 90% off on select pieces!  We decided to take a look again this year to see if Szul and others could live up to last year’s reputation, and we certainly weren’t disappointed. You won’t find deals like this just anywhere.

One incredible offer that can’t be beat is for a complete set of matching necklace and earrings. The single heart-shaped stone dangling from a sterling silver chain — and mirrored in the stud earrings — come in one of four options: amethyst, blue topaz, peridot,or citrine.  At 92% off its standard $200, there is no better time to make the purchase.  For more of a vintage or classic look, you can try out their pearl and emerald bracelet. The string of freshwater white pearls draws a striking contrast to the large, single onyx emerald gem set in a thin rim of yellow gold. The pristine white and vibrant green colors contrast beautifully for a clean, elegant look. This piece, too, is being offered at over 90% off, freeing a $200 piece to the consumer for an incredible $23.

For more fantastic deals, check out:  If, later this week, you wake up to find that you’ve let Presidents’ Day completely pass you by, have no fear; in honor of two of our greatest presidents, Szul intends to extend its sale beyond just the weekend, giving you just a bit more time to find that perfect bargain.

Blue Nile Coming to You

Big news for online jewelry store Blue Nile! For those of you who don’t recognize the company name, you’re not alone. Blue Nile’s stock has dropped more than 44% in the last year, and analyst Rick Patel believes this is largely due to lack of brand recognition. In 1999 Blue Nile became one of the first online ­only retailers of jewelry and today maintains a title as one of the largest.  Since that time, however, traditional jewelry stores, like Tiffany’s and Kay, have expanded into the virtual sphere, a presence that Blue Nile has begun to feel. Now that nearly every company has a webpage, Blue Nile has lost some of the exclusivity of its easy online service, and it doesn’t offer the benefit of a visual and kinetic buying experience. Especially when purchasing jewelry, people may want to see and ­­ more importantly ­­try on before they buy. Without a physical presence, that was one request BlueNile could not accommodate.

But CEO Harvey Kanter has not let this challenge go unresolved. Early last year Blue Nile set up showcases in a few Nordstrom stores, where customers could interact with the jewelry before ordering online.  Now, one year later, after having deemed this”experimental venue” a success, Blue Nile plans to open its very first freestanding brick­ and ­mortar outlet in the United States.  This venture is still exclusively for showcasing, which means customers will not be able to physically purchase items in the store, but it does allow them to interact with both products and employees in person. (They also plan to set up on­site tablets so that customers can order purchases online before ever leaving the store.) Information regarding future locations is still pretty vague, so be sure to keep an eye out for a Blue Nile opening near you!