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Jewelry Giveaways

Jewelry on the Market: Holiday Giveaway

Jewelry stores in general excel at the “giving spirit” that accompanies the holidays. This year, it seems that one company in particular has really stepped up. Starting today (December 15), Hearts of Fire is promoting a twelve-day jewelry giveaway. That means twelve chances to win one of — well — a dozen pieces that plenty of people would love to add to their collections. Anyone over the age of twenty-one can enter.


The catch? Well, it’s not much of a catch, really: you don’t see the piece of jewelry until the day it’s up for giveaway; it first becomes viewable on its day to shine (yes, pun intended).


Since today is the first day of the giveaway, Day One’s piece is now available. It’s a pair of rose gold, bow-shaped, stud earrings. The scalloped edges — part of the signature look of the Lorelei Collection — add a bit of quirkiness to the otherwise elegant pair. Encased at the center of each earring is a single diamond (as you might expect from “the world’s most perfectly cut diamond” company).


Take a look at these lovely earrings on the Hearts of Fire Facebook page (, which is incidentally also where you can enter the giveaway.


Just a reminder, these earrings, which go for over twelve hundred dollars, are available for free if you win. See you at the giveaway.