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Viking Style

This week,  Moon Raven Designs, a small and unusual design studio, released a handful of new handmade jewelry pieces.  Moon Raven Designs’ style has a definite rustic and simultaneously on-the-edge look, notably with their animal styled pieces of jewelry.  One of the new pieces is a solid bronze ax pendant, about an inch long, with curved edges on a rusty black chain, which continues the theme of the ax.  This necklace will surely bring out your inner Viking.  Another new item is a small elephant pendant necklace which comes in solid bronze or silver plated.  Moon Raven Designs only made the elephant`s head, emphasizing and slightly enlarging the ears, while putting much detail into the trunk and tusks.

Michael Doyle founded Moon Raven Designs in 1974, and works with his daughter to create handmade and distinctive designs, unyielding in his vision of not following the “current fashion trends.”   Their inspiration comes from nature with a slightly ghoulish sense that makes their jewelry both unique and edgy.  Go ahead and be different by wearing one of their pieces.

Moon Raven Designs new items:

A Charming Autumn from Pandora

Pandora, the jewelry company most famously known for their make-your-own charm bracelet, released a sneak peak of their new Autumn Collection.  One of the pieces released is a silver clip with a five-petaled flower in black, outlined in cubic zirconia, perhaps representing the death of plants as the weather gets colder, transitioning from summer to fall.  A second piece in the collection continues the autumn theme with a silver ring splitting off in the front to form two branches with many silver leaves.

Pandora, founded in 1982, is recognized for its charms, bracelets, rings, earrings, and necklaces that allow you to mix and combine, creating and defining your personal style.  Pandora is most closely associated with the popularization of charm bracelets in recent years, but the idea of a charm bracelet dates back to ancient times.  Originally, charm bracelets were worn as a form of amulet to ward off evil spirits, evolving to a form of identification, a symbol of faith, and at the end of War World II, soldiers would bring back charms for their wives.  So if you will be away from your loved ones for some of the fall, buying a charm bracelet from Pandora may be just the way to express your love.

The Autumn Collection:

(to view the sneak-peak, you have to be a member of the website)

Leather and Crystal: A New Look from Swarovski

The famous jewelry and crystal manufacturer Swarovski has released their fall and winter collection, featuring Australian model Miranda Kerr.   With a focus on the younger and more fashion conscious consumer, a centerpiece of the collection is a bracelet that mixes a black leather strap with links of rose-gold and palladium.  The palladium loop is enhanced with pave crystals.  The contrast of the three textures and colors makes for a glamorous design.  The bracelet also comes with a beige leather strap, to create a completely different look.  The themes of rose-gold, crystal pave and leather recur throughout the collection.

Swarovski was founded in 1895, but it was not until 1977 that Swarovski branched off from being just a crystal cutting factory, to making their first jewelry collection. The Swarovski Company now has a large diversity of products including, crystal glass sculptures and miniatures, jewelry, home decor, and chandeliers.

To find more pieces in the Fall/Winter Collection:

On the Edge with Eddie Borgo

Eddie Borgo, a fairly recent newcomer to the jewelry design industry, released his Pre-Fall 2014 Collection today.  A notable highlight of the collection is a rose-gold-plated brass diamond-shaped link bracelet with oval matte grey agate hand-cut gemstones connecting the pieces together.  Another bracelet in the collection with an edgy, yet sophisticated, style features rose gold, with grey conical gemstones, in place of the seemingly ubiquitous fashion spikes, to give it a more formal look.

Eddie Borgo was founded in 2009, and within a year he was the runner up in the CFDA / Vogue Fashion Fund, and by 2011 he received the CFDA Swarovski Award for Innovation in Accessory Design and became the first to win the CFDA / Vogue Tiffany & Co. Development Grant.  Even though Eddie Borgo is not yet one of the most widely recognized designers, his strong sense of style and his unique shape technique lend themselves to a modern style of jewelry that we feel will get even greater notice in the near future.

You can find his collection below:

Pomellato Releases Capri Line

Last week, Pomellato, an Italian jewelry company that ranks among the top five European jewelers by sales, released their new Capri collection.  Most of their collections are stripped down to a very simplistic, minimalist style, but in this new collection they experimented with complementary colors bringing out the beauty of the gemstones.  One of the pieces, a rose gold ring, features an aquamarine placed in the center that seems to cool off the fiery rubies wrapped around the ring. This dynamic contrasting runs through the collection.

Pomellato, established in 1967, introduced the idea of prêt-à-porter (ready-to-wear) jewelry.  Since its founding, they have believed that jewelry should be more than a status symbol, and that it finds its true value as an accessory to be worn at any moment of the day and to be loved so much that it will be changed as often as clothes.  This philosophy still drives the company’s style, and in our view this new collection will inspire women to wear the Capri pieces while they sleep.

Buccellati Dreaming

At last week’s Paris Couture, the most anticipated fashion week of the year, Buccellati, known for its unique style, introduced their Bracelets de Rêves (Dream Bracelet) Collection.  The collection consists of bangles and cuff bracelets, decorated in various diamonds and gems, capturing the height of Italian fashion.  “Dream 17” is a white gold cuff bracelet with an oversized tourmaline gemstone in the center, encased in a gold rim and surrounded by diamonds with a gold design running through, giving the whole bracelet a dramatic appearance – a definite eye catcher.   The line includes many more distinct bracelets with intricate diamond and colored gemstone designs, that will showcase the individuality of the wearer.

Buccellati, is both a contemporary designer jewelry brand and also the last name of a family whose passion for crafting was passed on from generation to generation.  In the eighteenth-century, Contardo Buccellati, a silversmith, opened a workshop in Italy for silverware and jewelry. Mario Buccellati, a goldsmith and a relative to Contardo, re-established the workshop in the early 1900′s and began to mold jewelry masterpieces.  His son, Gianmaria, has also shown his own passion for jewelry, founding the Italian Gemological Institute, and in 1979, opening his flagship store in Paris.

Vahan’s New Bamboo

The upscale jewelry maker Vahan Jewelry released a new line:  the Bamboo Collection.  The initial piece of the collection is a sterling silver band bracelet with a 14k gold vermeil overlay.  The surface of the bracelet mimics a regal bamboo shoot with diamond studs forming the ridges of the stalk.

Vahan Jewelry was founded in 1968 by Leon “Sasha” Der Calousdian.  His first collection was sold at Bergdorf Goodman, a high end department store, and his jewelry became popular very quickly.  He was the second designer to ever be exclusively represented by that store.   Bamboo is known to be of the fastest growing plants in the world, and can grow up to four feet within 24 hours.  The rapid growth in the popularity of Vahan Jewelry makes the choice of a bamboo line seem exceptionally appropriate.

Vahan Bamboo Collection:

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