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Meet the New “Clip-On”

Remember when you were a kid playing dress-up with your grandmother’s gaudy costume jewelry?  Back before you had your ears pierced, playing dress up probably meant one of two things: clip-ons or stick-ons.  The clip-on earrings were either too tight, pinching the lobe, or too loose, slipping off.  The stick-ons — round, sequined pieces of plastic that you peeled off sticker paper and onto your ears — usually lost its stickiness after the first few minutes.  Well, Paige Novick has something to ease that frustration… and her collection will certainly not get relegated to the far corners of a dusty old costume box in Grandma’s basement.  Her modern style utilizes a clever and sleek alternative for those without pierced ears: magnetism.

That’s right – with a brass foundation, the products are plated with 18 karats of yellow or pink gold, black rhodium, silver, and sometimes Swarovski crystals.  Her design style often applies opposing elements, like a merging of masculine and feminine features. In her Romy collection, she offers a rather bestial — yet still elegant — style: an elongated, fang-like front piece that juts downward in a slow curve while a twisted stud magnetically pins it through the back of the ear. It comes in either gold or gunmetal silver. Another dual element may be noticed in the magnetic studs found in her Lola line. The pair of triangular earrings embody both the sharp, simple traits of architectural mathematics along with the elegant, even ethereal glow of 28-karat yellow gold and rows of decreasing Swarovski crystals — a total of 37 per earpiece.  Novick seems to have done a great job of spicing up a genre of what could have become a relic of the past.

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