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For All the Moms out There

Every year on Mother’s Day, millions of people express their gratitude for the women who had a hand in raising them. One of the most popular gifts of the day is jewelry — from bracelets to pendants to brooches to rings galore. ¬†While anyone can appreciate a tasteful bit of bling, these commercial — perhaps repetitive — products may start to feel a bit trite year after year. But of course you may not want to sacrifice the quality found in fine jewelry for the sake of a more thought-out, personal gift. ¬†Which is why this year, for Mother’s Day, you don’t have to! You can give your mom something tailored to her own unique spot in your life, a piece that expresses just how much she means to you while maintaining the elegant flair of commercial jewelry.

Kay’s offers a number of options to connect in just the right way. One piece is a Family Tree Necklace, a chain with stackable silver discs. (The customer can select anywhere from one to three discs per necklace.) The uppermost disc is engraved with a tree, and each disc includes a message of your choice. A similar option is available with a paw print or heart instead of a tree.

You can even customize your jewels without any words at all! Kay’s offers a number of rings and necklaces that allow the customer to add their choice of birthstones (as many as ten on one piece!). You can mount one stone for each of her children; what a perfect gift to a nurturing mother from those whom she loves most.

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