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Wendy Yue

Take a look at one of Hong Kong’s most successful jewelers: Wendy Yue. Since its inception, Yue’s jewelry design firm has grown to become one of the city’s most renowned labels. What’s her secret? ┬áMostly, dedication and determination, not to mention a seemingly limitless abundance of inspiration. In fact, Yue creates a new piece almost every single day! In addition to her incredible rate of productivity (as if that wouldn’t keep her busy enough), Yue is also a mother of four children, including a set of twins, as well as a number of pets. And of course, let’s not forget hobbies: somehow she carves out time in her week to fix up homes and properties, a pastime she enjoys during leisure hours.

But even with this packed schedule, Yue clearly exhibits tremendous depth of thought in every single piece she creates. Her motif of choice is the bond between wildlife and human existence, after young adult travel across Europe left her utterly inspired. She decided the best way to capture those memories was in jewelry, an everyday wearable reminder — “an enduring monument,” as Yue explains — of her travels.

Her creations range from animal to botanical and even to the mythological. The Sacred Phoenix is an explosively vibrant ring, studded with jade; white and brown diamonds; pink, yellow, blue, and white sapphires; and tsavorite. Meanwhile, the Chimpanzee Wonder depicts in precise detail a pensive chimp out of mother-of-pearl; it is surrounded by sapphire, ruby, and jasper leafy branches and, on one side, a playful monkey out of brown diamond.

These beautiful creations have many other companion pieces, so be sure to check out more of her work!

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