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It Takes Two

Manhattan­ based decade-­old company Vale Jewelry has a unique feature in its two founders: they are identical twins. Ava and Eva Bai, despite their shockingly similar names, have very different personalities, which allows them to blend styles in a way that only enhances their products. After earning degrees from Carnegie Mellon University, as well as FIT post­graduate work in metallurgy and gemology, the dynamic duo decided to go into business together, creating pieces that have been worn by celebrities like Sarah Jessica Parker, Miranda Kerr, and Lena Dunham ­­ just to name a few.

As children they busied themselves with lanyards and beads, but they have long since swapped those materials for significantly classier options.  In the face of trends these days that lean towards bulkier jewelry, their style is distinctly understated: it has been called “super­fine” and usually consists of very thin chains and lines. Some people have argued that their jewelry is too small to hold buyers’ interests… but those critics are easily silenced by the broad fan ­base that the Bai sisters have attracted over the past decade.

Two “moonlet” pieces ­­ crawler earrings and a ring ­­ are made of equidistant round diamonds bezel­ set in 14 karat gold.  The ring, a perfect symmetrical band, contrasts well with the earrings’ irregular semicircle shape.  Even finer is the large open bangle with diamond slices (rather than round cuts) on either end of a gold wire so thin it seems to disappear on the wrist. The style is clearly understated, buts its two creators don’t feel the need to make their gold loud; the delicacy of their design makes a quiet ­­ but powerful ­­ statement of its own.

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