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A Blast from the Past

If you’re seeking the newest in fashion trends, your best bet may be to look back at some of the “oldies.” Back in the sixties, a self-taught designer by the name of David Webb popularized the rock crystal quartz. This crystal comes in a range of hues, from completely transparent, to translucent, to cloudy and opaque. For the next two decades this stone was one of the most popular options in nonprecious gems and often got paired with materials as fine as diamond.

Well, it seems as if that crystal clarity is making a major comeback. The latest creations come in all sorts of styles. You can find more traditional pieces, like the simple Rock Candy earrings — clear quartz elongated teardrops outlined by 18-karat gold — or a sleek modern design like the Large Navette ring, an 18-karat yellow gold ring with a large, almond-shaped crystal dotted on either end by two small round diamonds. There is also a middle-ground of strong, personality-filled pieces: a large pendant upon which the crystal itself is encrusted with gold and silver stones.

While these crystals are still in style, make sure you root through your (or your parents’!) old boxes of jewelry to see what the sixties and seventies left behind. You won’t regret it!

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