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The Big Apple

In a few weeks Sotheby’s will be hosting an auction in the heart of New York City; items for sale were chosen specifically to reflect NYC’s Big Apple atmosphere, which means every artifact was inspired by or otherwise celebrates the energy of the city that never sleeps. ¬†Of course, that still leaves a lot up to the artist’s interpretation, and the options are as diverse as the New Yorkers that inspired them.

There is the fierce Chrysler Redux bangle bracelet. ¬†Designed by Marilyn Cooperman, this silver and gold latticework, interwoven with baguette diamonds, was inspired by the city’s architecture. David Webb’s Twin Frog bracelet could not be further from Cooperman’s style. These leap-frogging amphibians — made of green enamel and gold spots, eyes of oval-shaped cabochon rubies, and a row of diamonds for a mouth — represent the more playful side that New York can offer.

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And be sure to find yourself in New York this April Fool’s Day at 8:00 pm!

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