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Fashion Tips

Women’s fashion magazine Harper’s Bazaar offers some basic tips and tricks for how best to accessorize:

First, keep it balanced.  Having too much at once can be visually overwhelming and may ultimately detract from the overall appearance. Don’t be afraid to suit up with an armful of bangles, but be sure to offset that with simpler jewelry everywhere else. The same goes for clothing; if you’re wearing a blouse with extra flair, like ruffles down the front, you’ll want to keep your necklace simple — a thinner chain — and forgo any ornate pendants.  And if you decide go with a wide choker or bib necklace instead, the best way to show it off is to make sure it’s your only piece.

For earrings, Harper’s explains a few simple ways to wear them, depending on your preferences. For many, earrings are casual ornaments worn day-to-day. If you plan not to change your earrings daily to match your outfit, you probably want small studs; worn on the lobe, these stones — often diamonds, but sometimes gold, silver, or pearls — add just a dash of shimmer to your outfit, and they go with anything.  The opposite alternative is a pair of chandelier earrings, long dangling earrings designed to draw attention. When you wear these, consider limiting the rest of your jewelry to give them the limelight they deserve. The middle ground between these two options is a couple of dainty drop earrings for a modest — but not overlooked — addition to your wardrobe.

One major tip for bracelet wearers is to show of your arms! Whether it’s a single elegant chain or stacks of bangles, you want to make sure your friends will see those accessories. Make sure to wear three-quarter or short sleeves, or roll up long ones so that your wrists are on display. The exception is a wide cuff, which at times can slide over long sleeves for a rather chic look.  You may think that a women’s magazine like Harper’s would extol the use of authentic gems and metals, but Harper’s is all for using costume jewelry to accent your look.

You’ll have plenty to work with, regardless of economic boundaries. Just beware of anything that appears too cheap (like a poorly made imitations) because that will cheapen your whole ensemble.


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