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Diamond Secrets

A few fun facts about one of the most popular gemstones on the jewelry market: diamonds.

Although white/transparent diamonds are most common, that’s not the only hue you can find. There is a huge variety, from black diamonds to pink to blue… in fact, diamonds exist in pretty much every color.

De Beers, a diamond mining company founded by Cecil Rhodes, is one of the most powerful diamond companies of today; it controls as much as 70% of the entire diamond industry. Actually, in the late 1800s, De Beers mined a huge yellow gem that weighed in at nearly 430 old karats (a measurement used until early 1900’s) and measured as one of the largest diamonds during that time period. Now cut, it currently holds the record for seventh largest diamond in the world.

But to find the largest diamond in existence, you’ll have to look outside of De Beers’ mines.  In fact, you’ll have to look outside of planet Earth altogether!  The largest diamond is, in fact, a star — specifically, a chunk of crystallized carbon found within the Centaurus constellation.  Located about 50 light years from Earth, this white dwarf star was aptly nicknamed “Lucy” after the Beatles’ song “Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds”.  Lucy may be only a dwarf as a star, but she’s a giant as far as diamonds are concerned; she would weigh in at about 10 billion trillion trillion karats… more than all the karats of diamond worn on Earth all together!


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