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Acquire an Aquamarine!

In honor of this month’s official gemstone, we decided to take a look at some of the great aquamarine pieces available on the market today.

If you’re seeking a more classic look, you may want to try Diamondere’s 14-karat rose gold ring. It is set with a traditional round cut aquamarine stone, while the band itself is carved with elegant and intricate swirls and scrolls.

For a more funky style, you may want to go with designer Gillian Alexander’s vintage aquamarine and blue enamel ring. The yellow gold beneath the spikes of blue enamel is 21-karat gold and spirals once around the oval cabochon cut gemstone in the middle.

There are other options as well: for someone with more playful tastes, you pretty much can’t go wrong with kittens. E­Jewelry Plus has a few of those, like one silver necklace with not one but two aquamarine stones, the first round and topped with silver cat ears while the second ­­ pear shaped ­­ has two paws and a tail. As an added bonus, this little kitten dons a gentlemanly bow tie.  A similar vendor designed a handcrafted silver charm featuring a kitten’s energetic side as it lies on its back batting a round aquamarine gemstone made of cubic zirconia. And there’s plenty more where all of that came from, so go ahead – acquire some aqua today!


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