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Presidents’ Day

Presidents’ Day is a great day (or weekend) for shoppers seeking out furniture, electronics, clothing, and an assortment of other purchases. What you don’t tend to see, however, are too many price cuts for jewelry.  Especially since it falls so close to Valentine’s Day, a holiday ripe with sales in the jewel market, Presidents’ Day tends to fall flat in that area in comparison. That’s why it was a rather pleasant surprise last year to find some jewelry stores, like Szul, offering up to — and in some cases more than — 90% off on select pieces!  We decided to take a look again this year to see if Szul and others could live up to last year’s reputation, and we certainly weren’t disappointed. You won’t find deals like this just anywhere.

One incredible offer that can’t be beat is for a complete set of matching necklace and earrings. The single heart-shaped stone dangling from a sterling silver chain — and mirrored in the stud earrings — come in one of four options: amethyst, blue topaz, peridot,or citrine.  At 92% off its standard $200, there is no better time to make the purchase.  For more of a vintage or classic look, you can try out their pearl and emerald bracelet. The string of freshwater white pearls draws a striking contrast to the large, single onyx emerald gem set in a thin rim of yellow gold. The pristine white and vibrant green colors contrast beautifully for a clean, elegant look. This piece, too, is being offered at over 90% off, freeing a $200 piece to the consumer for an incredible $23.

For more fantastic deals, check out:  If, later this week, you wake up to find that you’ve let Presidents’ Day completely pass you by, have no fear; in honor of two of our greatest presidents, Szul intends to extend its sale beyond just the weekend, giving you just a bit more time to find that perfect bargain.

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