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Phillip Gavriel

Jewelry designer Phillip Gavriel Maroof, the founder of Phillip Gavriel, has over twenty collections of unique jewelry themes, all of which demonstrate Maroof’s all-embracing curiosity and interest in the world around him.  His inspirations range from elegant, like the Venice Collection, to whimsical and fun, like the Popcorn Collection.  Wherever the spark begins, Maroof always morphs it into a beautiful and diverse arrangement of colors, designs, and precious stones.  His onset began after studying the Renaissance in Florence, Italy, and much of his jewelry reflects his passion for that subject, as well as the country in which he studied it.  One particular collection acts almost as homage to his company itself: a line in which a fleur-de-lis — the stylized lily present in the company’s logo — features in every piece.

A recent line, called ‘Organic Eternity’, looks to delve particularly into Maroof’s talent with colors.  The bracelets and rings are all made using similar shapes: figure eights linking in an endless, single-strand chain.  What sets each apart from the others is their strikingly different shades, which Maroof achieves using a variety of gemstones.  The garnet set in rose silver, the peridot set in yellow-gold finished silver, the crystal quartz set in black rhodium… Maroof manipulates his gems like a paintbrush, creating wearable works of art with every brushstroke!

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