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Nikolai Rose

Back in 2006 Nikolai Rose was launched to cater specifically to the male population, a section of the jewelry market often disregarded. Founders Jacob Melinger and Alan Paukman design cuff-links, pins, tie bars, and an assortment of other pieces for men looking to dress with style.  Nikolai Rose demonstrates a flair for some darker themes, taking inspiration from things like chains and insects.  This handmade New York line makes jewelry from array of materials — often utilizing common metals but also dipping into sources as bizarre as bone!

One men’s ring, its thin band made from a choice of either sterling silver or yellow gold, is cut to reveal a smooth piece of bone just under the surface of the metal.  Another, like the Hand Pin, is made completely out of silver but shaped to imitate the bony structure of a skeleton hand; the pin has a deliberately rusty, rustic semblance that expresses a more ominous theme.  Despite its small niche created by providing for only half of the population, Nikolai Rose’s business does not seem to suffer.  It has expanded its stock to include bracelets and necklaces as well. Nikolai Rose’s designs appear simple, but on further inspection reveal endless intricacy, as in the brass or white-bronze Cuff Bracelet, which is shaped like a hexagon (one side absent to slip easily onto the wrist), with each side connecting to the next in an Escher-like Möbius strip illusion. With its wide range of options, it’s clear Nikolai Rose has found a corner of the market in which to excel!

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