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Jewelry Sculptors

One dynamic duo you will want to watch out for is Chen Chen and Kai Williams. Their background in sculpting and architecture adds a fascinating energy to the jewelry they create. These two Pratt graduates opened a joint studio in 2011, where they constantly add to their repertoire of furniture, sculptures, and of course jewelry.  Part of what makes their work so unique is their particular ideology: no material is inert. For designers like Chen and Williams this means that they allow the vitality of the material itself to find its own form. Their process leaves the end result open to an element of chance, which ultimately expresses individuality even among similar products. In fact, no two bracelets are the same, only variations of the same idea. Their go-to medium is stone, which — while common in furniture and sculpting — is refreshingly innovative in the jewelry market.  The outcomes are pieces like the Stone Age Bangle, a gray-white Carrara marble bracelet with a swirling, pristine look often found on kitchen counter-tops.  Others, like the Blue Pearl Bangle made out of granite, utilize the same minimalist style.  They also work with more common jewelry materials, like resin and aluminum, found in the black and white Moon Ring.  One of their most spectacular, not to mention unique, pieces is the Layer Cake Necklace, which utilizes such unexpected materials even for a duo known for its unusual creations. The necklaces are made from various vibrant scraps found in their studio, then soaked in urethane and wrapped around a round slice of logwood. The entire piece hangs from neon pink rope.  Every product seems to be more eclectic than its predecessors. We can’t wait to see what they come up with next!

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