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Grammy Night Glamour

The beginning of every year is chock full of national holidays and a whirlwind of events, one of which is the esteemed Grammy Awards night.  Of course, we don’t just tune in for the accolades.  As with the Oscars, Emmys, and every other entertainment award event, we let out our inner “fashionistas” to find out (and usually fawn over) what these singers and songwriters will be wearing on the red carpet.  This year we weren’t disappointed, especially in the jewelry department.

One woman certainly drew up gossip with her ensemble: Beyoncé.  This superstar chose to downplay her hair and makeup — muted, natural tones and an untouched, bohemian-esque do — in order to accentuate the jewelry that featured quite heavily (think upwards of 150 karats and $10 million) in her look.  A ring on almost every finger may have been a bit over the top, but we can’t deny the stones were stylish.  Made by illustrious designer Lorraine Schwartz, the rings ranged from large teardrop diamonds to equally sizable emerald squares, all set against thin silver bands. The two stones came together seamlessly in a combined entity that dangled to just above her shoulder, earrings that alternated between medium-sized emerald ovals and much tinier diamond and emerald speckles.

But Beyoncé wasn’t the only one with some noteworthy jewelry at the Grammys.  In fact, green and silver seemed to be the colors of the hour. Lady Gaga wore a large teardrop emerald on a long chain of studded diamonds and earrings with two emeralds each, one on the lobe and one hanging just below it. The look was complimented by her soft green and silver eye shadow and a low-cut silver gown. Where there wasn’t green, we found pinks and purples instead (although most of that was, in all honesty, hair dye), so there was no shortage of color at the Grammys this year.  These performers certainly knew how to dress to impress… or at least to catch your eye!

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