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Gifts for February

February is a month of groundhogs, Valentines, and amethysts. In under a week’s time the country will be celebrating a day of general romance and heartfelt chocolates (pun intended). Why not celebrate your special someone with a beautiful amethyst gemstone, which has been the month of February’s official stone since at least the fifteenth century.
In lore, amethyst is known as a stone of wisdom, one that reveals a person’s intuition. It is believed to ward off guilt and fear while simultaneously instilling calm. It is also said to bring clarity to emotions and values. What better gem for a day celebrated to profess emotions for your other half?

If you’re looking for the perfect purple ornament to say, “I love you,” there are some beautiful options out there. One is Kay’s dainty butterfly necklace, a silver outline of a butterfly, attached by a thin chain on either wingtip and complete with two swooping antennae. The outline is filled in with different hues of amethyst gems, from pale pink to rich purple, with shapes alternating between circles and teardrops. If you want a piece less traditional than a necklace, you can go for brooch, like the amethyst flower brooch from Swarovski. Each of the flower’s six petals curls down at the edge, the colors alternating between petals from amethyst so light it’s nearly white to a darker purple crystal. The flower’s stigma — the thin stems that jut from its middle and produce pollen — end in round tips of multicolored stones. Whatever you choose, your loved one will surely appreciate the thoughts of love behind any gift.

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