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Bring Out the Mesh

As our frequent readers know, we love to take a look at some of the more creative designers in the contemporary jewelry industries.  Peppercotton, named for its two creators — Patrick Culpepper and Aurelia Cotton — uses a common thread in all of its jewelry.  It encloses an assortment of stones inside mesh tubing that then gets shaped into bracelets and necklaces. But just because the jewelry-making method is the same doesn’t mean you will find a limited spread of options.  Quite the opposite!  If you take a look at some of their products, you will immediately notice the variety of colors and designs they offer. The pieces range from monochromatic — like the aptly titled Capri, silver, and ruby bracelets — to confetti bracelets, a blend of colors so diverse that it is impossible to list them all in the name.  Even the mesh exterior can add to the vibes it conveys. The confetti bracelet, for example, totes a nude mesh tubing that brightens the look with its muted tones.  Meanwhile, the red velvet bracelet, which contains exclusively black crystals, is enclosed in a maroon mesh tubing; without that detail, the seductive darkness of “red velvet” would be impossible to convey.

The differences between some are subtle, yet each contains its own distinct flavor. The gold sea strand contrasts nicely with the silver sea strand, both a soft gradient of blue to green hues with an additional splash of gold (sea strand) or silver (silver sea strand) at either end of the necklace, and brightened by pale blue mesh exterior. Even the basic shapes get creative.  The Capri bow is a necklace with both a chain and design made of mesh and crystal.  The chain, made of thin dark tubing, is filled with black crystals, while the ornament hanging at the bottom — a thicker tubing twisted into the shape of a bow — contains Capri blue inside navy blue mesh.  All of this dazzles the eye with opulence, but it also comes with a playful touch; among the crystals you can often find beads shaped like various objects — watermelon, shoes, perfume bottles, etc. This designing duo clearly knows how to balance lavish and lively, which likely speaks to many jewelry-wearers out there.

If you’re one of those people, take a look at the Peppercotton website:


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