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A New Cut

Many people don’t realize that there are different types of diamonds; in addition to the gem-grade diamonds that you can find in rings, there are also industrial diamonds, used for sharpening tools and various other functions.  In the past, nearly 80% of mined diamonds were considered unbefitting for jewelry. But the new trend that has hit the market recently — sliced diamonds — might put a dent in those numbers. Diamond slices can be cut from industrial diamonds, then sliced and polished to allow the gem-like features to shine through. This leaves the stone with a more organic, somewhat rugged beauty rather than the sleek, finished look of the standard gemstone-quality diamond.

This is an understandable, perhaps even expected, trend for a society that has begun to laud what was previously out-cast (e.g., comic book superheroes, once considered ‘nerdy’ are now earning millions at the box office). These slices are made from the castoffs, taken from a type of diamond coveted more for function than beauty.  In that regard, the functional has become beautiful.

And we certainly can’t disagree with that beauty!  Companies like San Francisco-based Ashley Morgan are designing breathtaking pieces, even whole collections, with this innovative material.  One of Ashley Morgan’s rings, a handmade eternity band, is set with diamond slices in shapes that are both irregular and asymmetrical, adding to the organic, natural feel. With the growing popularity of using rougher stones as fine jewels, that percentage of ‘unsuitable’ diamonds will likely drop significantly.

To see some more Ashley Morgan diamond slice designs, check out:

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