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The Stones of Power

We are fairly accustomed to seeing materials like silver and gold shaped into assorted forms for jewelry. What we may not realize, however, is that these raw materials have much more potential than just the bracelets clasped to our wrists. Here are a couple of the more interesting functions your ornaments can provided:

When not glittering from your earlobes, silver might be moonlighting as an antibacterial agent. Its natural inhibition of bacteria and fungi makes it an optimal choice as an odor stopper. In fact, most of the non­-jewelry that you wear –­­ clothing, socks, even shoes — ­­ will be laced with nano-silver to prevent unwelcome smells from seeping into the fabric.  Silver is also rather popular in the medical world, and used as antiseptic.

Sapphire is like Tolkien’s “One Ring” of the gemstone world.  Translation: it can make you invisible (sort of).  In addition to being a key element used to build infrared lasers,it also possesses the unique ability to become invisible to that same light.  When specially treated, sapphire can coat any substance to prevent it from appearing to infrared goggles or cameras. That makes it the real “One gem to rule them all”!

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