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No Hidden Mickeys

For all the classic Disney fans out there, PANDORA has a great new line for you. This recent collection offers a series of handcrafted charms inspired by the magical world of Mickey, Minnie and friends. The collection includes a rounded heart-shaped silver charm bearing the phrase “Be Magical” in Disney’s iconic script, complete with wishing-star-esque sparkling stones. Other charms include the red polka-dotted wheel, resembling Minnie’s signature dress and bow, as well as Cinderella’s single glass slipper with blue gems made of cubic zirconia. They also offer a sparkling silver snowflake, with a blue-jeweled Mickey head embedded at the center, a charm that is surely in honor of Disney’s most recent mega-hit, “Frozen”.  Our personal favorite is a simple silver sphere, the surface of which is shaped by rows of horizontal figure eights, a symbol for infinity. Attached to every figure eight are two beloved visages: one Mickey’s and one Minnie’s.  According to PANDORA, this piece represents the inspiration for the whole collection: the love between Disney’s most beloved sweethearts. To us, this charm stands for more than just the eternity of love between two iconic mice; it symbolizes the eternity of the magic that Disney inspires in children across the globe.  For more classic Disney charms, check out:

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