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Misfit’s Shine

The company Misfit Wearables, founded in 2011, produces a wearable activity tracker called the Shine. This device, which is roughly the size of a large coin, traces all sorts of movements over the course of a person’s day, including sleeping, running, cycling, and swimming. The metallic disc can be fastened into specially made bracelets, necklaces, or brooches to count your every step.

As of yesterday, Misfit has teamed up with Swarovski for a new form to house its product. This line takes the rather self-explanatory name Swarovski Shine. Until now, the Shine’s wearable accessories had a sportier, more casual appearance, taking the form of sports bands or leather bracelets. With this new collection, customers will have more elegant options. Among others, there will be versatile black or silver pendants implanted with clear crystals, hanging from a rhodium-plated chain. In addition to the sophisticated accessories, the Shine itself will take on a new form. Previously, the disc was made out of sleek aluminum, which came in a variety of colors. While this will still be available as the standard option, the Swarovski Shine line will use an Activity Tracking Crystal. This large, faceted crystal can keep count of its user’s steps as easily as its metallic predecessor.

To pre-order from the Swarovski Shine collection, take a look here:

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