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It’s Louis Time

Louis Vuitton has unveiled a new line of wristwatches recently, a selection of different colored timepieces with a glamorous, numberless face. The entire middle of the piece is studded with tiny diamonds and the outermost circumference (called a bezel), which is surrounded by a raised silver rim, has a single row of slightly larger versions of the same dazzling gem.

The splash of color comes at the center: a windmill-shaped centerpiece of bright red, pastel blue, or vibrant pink. This nature-inspired design is a hand-painted array of purple branches, all of which is set beneath two sleek silver clock hands.  The watch is attached to an alligator strap of the same color as the centerpiece chosen.

Whatever you do, take great care of this watch because it took an average of thirty hours just to paint the center-most design!

You can see the entire timepiece collection here:

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