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Intercontinental Jewelry

In August of 2011, Akébéhi Kpolo launched a jewelry line called Ohiri Kreation with the intention of combining African and European accessory styles. Her latest Spring/Summer 2015 collection follows in the same vein, fusing the two genres with a sophisticated, minimalist quality. The jewelry is shaped to mimic the traditional ornaments worn by Akan leaders. The Akans are an ethnic group native to many countries, although the subject of Kpolo’s inspiration stems in particular from the people of the Côte d’Ivoire (Ivory Coast), known more specifically as Ivoirians.

Kpolo’s previous lines have included Akan Gold weights, an important symbol of West African history because of its use both in trade and, later on, in jewelry. In this recent collection, Kpolo draws from even more creative places; she mixes materials like brass and Plexiglass for innovative results. Although simple, these pieces are far from small and certainly not boring! One fascinating piece spreads across more than half of the clavicle and is shaped asymmetrically like a series of honeycombs. The interior of each hexagon is a plate of Plexiglass, with an outer rim of brass and a gold-plated chain. 

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