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From Bedrooms to Bracelets

We have seen a number of jewelers who began their careers in other artistic fields, such as acting, before stepping into the designer role. One of the more unusual is Gaetano Pesce, who – before his recent shift — spent almost 50 years as an architect.  It’s pretty clear these two disciplines share a number of similarities; both a require a meticulous attention for detail to create a look that connects with its customers on a personal level. In a single word, Gaetano’s furniture could only be described as ‘contemporary”.  It epitomizes the eccentricity of modern art perfectly, with asymmetrical couches and quirky, brightly colored houses. From buildings to vases, his art has always been provocative and fresh, and it appears he will be using that same creative eye in his new line of jewelry.

You can view his first few pieces on exhibition in New York today.  The most interesting feature in this line is perhaps the material used to create it.  Gaetano utilizes flexible resin,which is a material commonly used in architecture and interior design, to shape explosions of color into rings, necklaces, bracelets, and more. His creations truly are incredible; they look as if they melted into place almost naturally. Maybe that isn’t so far off from the truth.  According to Gaetano, he does not “oblige the material to follow [his] whim” and his own vision is only part of what determines the ultimate outcome. In the end, “[the jewelry] decides the finished shape.”

You can see samples of his work here:

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