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Celestial Jewels

We appreciate our various ornaments for their beauty and sometimes rarity, but did you know that ancient civilizations had a few more “cosmic” beliefs about the stones they used for adornment?  An opal is just one of these stones. Considered gems of wisdom and good fortune, opals were thought to be pieces of heaven that had shaken loose from the sky during violent thunderstorms.  Opals also happen to share an interesting feature that people often consider unique to diamonds: they cut through almost any material, even glass.

Another material believed to have celestial implications is gold.  Nowadays, when people compare gold to sunlight, it has a more metaphorical connotation, but in ancient times people took that figure of speech much more literally. They once believed that gold actually originated from the sun. Some groups even accepted gold as actual teardrops from their respective sun gods.  Talk about divine jewelry!

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