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Betty White’s Elephant and Other Favorites

Last night the People’s Choice Awards were broadcast with the year’s list of favorites, from TV duos to humanitarians. The actors and actresses were appropriately decked out for the occasion. Here’s a look at a two eye-catching example of the jewelry the actresses wore at the event.

Winner of the Favorite Comedic Movie Actress Award went to Melissa McCarthy. Unlike most, she forwent a necklace, more than making up for that lack of jewelry with the tasteful pieces that stood out elsewhere: each of the three trendy rings on her fingers (gold on the fourth finger and pinkie of the left hand, diamond on the middle finger of her right) were twisted into creative shapes, like the interlocking circles of made of small studded diamonds. While McCarthy is no stranger to grunge, which she proves quite adeptly in countless comedy films, it’s clear she has no trouble pulling off a more chic look when the occasion calls for it.

A name like Betty White needs no other introduction, with her widespread fame in classic and modern media, which is probably why she won the People’s Choice Award for favorite television icon. To complement her sequin-lined turquoise top, she wore a beautiful diamond necklace. True to White’s spunky persona, the necklace held, unexpectedly, a glittering, diamond-studded elephant, its trunk upraised in what we can only assume was a salute to her win.

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