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Accessory Awards

Earlier this week you probably watched the Golden Globe Awards to honor some of the best actors, actresses, and filmmakers of the past year. The women who attended the awards certainly dressed to impress, with meticulously designed gowns… not to mention magnificent jewelry to match! Here are a few memorable pieces that we thought were worth mentioning.

The first person to catch our eye was actress and producer Salma Hayek, who arrived clad in multiple bold, yet elegant, accessories. The ring on her index finger was large, but its otherwise reserved pattern did not overwhelm the overall look. The bracelet that accompanied it was a wide diamond band with a thin outer border on either side and, between them, a row of hollowed squares (with a second square at the center of each one). The wrist-facing side of the bracelet ends off with glittering fringe that compliments the white of her brocade gown. What really completed the look were the exquisite Boucheron-designed earrings, intricate peacock feathers that were made of diamond.  See more at:

Another notable fashion belonged to actress Emily Blunt, who wowed us with her “bouquet” of earrings, a splendid combination of turquoise (from the mineral paraiba tourmaline), diamond, and platinum. She also wore a floral bracelet to match.  See more at:

Let’s end off with someone who, without even winning an award, managed to garner quite a bit of the spotlight, not to mention plenty of stage time. To be fair, as one half of the ceremony’s hosting duo, Amy Poehler, probably knew to expect all the attention. Well, she certainly didn’t disappoint! One of her numerous outfit-changes included a stunning labradorite necklace designed by Irene Neuwirth. The large, tear-shaped stones had a “cadet gray” tint and were spaced out evenly across a diamond chain. The bold, somewhat edgy look worked well in contrast with her unadorned violet dress. The layering of bracelets on either hand gave the whole ensemble an especially modern feel.  See more at:

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