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A Really Expensive Stone

Earlier this week we described some of the rarest and priciest gemstones known to man. The most expensive one we found was a gem called painite, at a cost of $50-60,000 per karat. But there is one stone — the Pink Star Diamond — that we neglected to document in Tuesday’s list, and that stone actually wins the title of most expensive stone in history.

The Pink Star Diamond, also known as the Steinmetz Pink, was mined in South Africa in 1999. At a grand total of 59.6 karats, this giant stone sold in 2007 for a record-breaking $83 million, which — to put in terms of karats — comes out to the astonishing price of $1,395,761 per karat. Wow!  This diamond’s rough form weighed in at 132.5 karats, which made it the largest known diamond in the vivid pink class. Due to its record-wielding size, the Steinmetz Group took special care when cutting it. Overall, the procedure took a full 20 months to complete.

We did not include the Pink Star Diamond in our original list because its rarity is due more to its size than the gem’s material.  Vivid pink diamonds are actually fairly common in the precious stone world, especially in comparison to scarce materials like jadeite and painite.   So, although it is common as a gemstone, we felt that based on its size, it nonetheless deserved a place in the jewelry “hall of expensive fame”.

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