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New Line: Fussy

Recently, up-and-coming British designer Mara Irsara came out with her new collection at the Goldsmiths’ Fair, a premier showcase for contemporary UK designer jewelry. Irsara’s collection, entitled “Fussy,” utilizes the simplicity of geometric shapes with a curiosity that brings out what she calls the “innate playfulness” of the jewelry itself. She arranges basic shapes with unexpected add-ons or distortions.

One of her most notable pieces is her silver “Close But Not Too Close” silver ring, the perfect embodiment of the deformed geometry that underlies almost all of her work. Its design consists of two unadorned semi-circles, slightly staggered and off-kilter.  Irsara’s favorite piece of her own collection is the pair of P.I. earrings in rose gold plating, which are made of rose gold and hot pink flocking for a multi-tinted pink hue.

You can check out the “Fussy” collection, as well as her older lines, at her website:


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