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Last Look Back: 2014 Out with a Bang

What better way to end our 2014 blogging than with Lisa Eisner’s explosion-worthy, often flamboyant, jewelry line? Unlike some  jewelry designers recently featured here who lean towards simplicity and understatement, Eisner believes that bigger is better. The way Eisner describes it, her pieces “are not precious, not little,” which is certainly a safe classification given the pieces she had on display this past October. She presented jewelry such as the starburst necklace, which has an egg-sized turquoise stone at its center and brass quills jutting out at every angle.

Eisner has had eclectic experiences, including (but definitely not limited to) acting, publishing, and photography. When she decided to try her hand at jewelry design, her long-time friend—and well-known fashion designer—Tom Ford was immediately on board. In fact, he was so enamored with her work that, in addition to hosting the October event for Eisner’s display, he also hired her to create a 2015 Spring collection for the Tom Ford label. He has high hopes for the upcoming line, which will be all brass. The optimistic conjectures put Eisner in a great position: one encouraged eye on the year that just ended and a hopeful eye on the year to come.

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