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Chopard’s Great Outdoors

Chopard, a luxury watch and jewelry company, has been around since the mid-nineteenth century. Their designers come up with some of the most creative and intricate pieces of jewelry, such as the twenty-year-old Happy Sport Line, which marked the then unheard-of combination of diamond elegance with the more rugged (by comparison) material of stainless steel.

One of their more recent lines is their Animal World Collection, which boasts an ethereal, sometimes mystical quality, to animals ranging from polar bears to hummingbirds. All are made with an eye for richness and color. Many of those pieces caught our eye, but the one that arrested us completely was the tiger necklace. One might at first incorrectly identify it as a jaguar (big cats—it’s more or less the same idea) because the myriad irregular shapes that make up the chain give the semblance of a jaguar’s irregular spots more than a tiger’s stripes. But whichever feline you think is staring back at you where it crouches on your neck, it’s the face that most draws you in. The tiger’s head is made of opals, and the eyes—single orange gems tucked inside a cluster of black—really do just stare at you. All the words here simply can’t do justice to the liveliness captured within these animals.

You can check out this fierce piece, as well as any of the others of this line, at:

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