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A Look Back at 2014: Time and Space

French-born Australian jewelry designer Estelle Dévé launched her first line in 2008. Since then, she has produced more than half a dozen collections, each extremely varied but all still containing a common thread that makes Dévé’s work unique. She pulls motivation largely from history and science, producing lines like Paleozoic Dreams and Mars Borealis. Her jewelry often comes with a distinctly celestial feel, with pieces like the Aeolis Ring, a gold plated pewter band. On top of the dome-hammered ring is a shape similar to an asteroid or—perhaps more accurately—to the rugged, porous terrain of the planet Mars. (The name Aeolis, after all, refers to specific coordinates on Mars’s surface.)

Dévé’s most recent collection, entitled The Shape of Things to Come, pulls from styles of some of her previous collections. Pieces like the Hummingbird Bracelet (a band of alternating dark Swarovski crystal pearls and thin brass wings) echo the style of her previous collection, Birds in Space. They also make frequent use of the Swarovski pearls that appear in many of her other works.

To see more of Dévé’s unique constructions, visit her website:

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