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A Look Back at 2014: Designer Spotlight

With the year coming to a close, it’s time to take a nostalgic look back at the creative endeavors of some of the jewelry world’s most promising new designers. Rachel Boston is one such individual, a jewelry designer who draws inspiration from some of the most intriguing sources. Her most recent collection, called ‘Runes’, incorporates shapes and concepts from the ancient Runic alphabet. She draws on the actual shapes of the runes as well as the mystical aura that the alphabet seems to channel, given its historical use in magical rituals and charms.

The collection is enhanced by its minimalistic quality, with pieces that are simple, mostly monochrome (either silver or gold). There is the occasional splash of color thrown in, such as the Gar, an 18 karat gold double-circle ring with two small squares of emerald clasped where the twin circles intertwine. Other pieces, like the Tiwax neck cuff, are elegant in their simplicity. The cuff is a line in its most basic sense: a single, smooth line of either white or yellow gold, curving around the neck without coming to a complete circle. Instead, each side ends with an arrow, embedded with diamonds, signifying a line’s unending expansion.

To check out the Rune collection, or some of Boston’s other lines, visit:

In the coming days, we will we feature more inventive designers’ 2014 creations.


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