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A Look Back at 2014: An Emoticon Year

We typically highlight the newest designs, but some capture society’s trends as well as jewelry fashions.  This past year, New Yorker Alison Chemla released her first collection, based on… Emojis. That’s right, fourteen karats of smiley faces, pink lips, and text-speech in necklaces, bracelets, rings, and earrings. One such piece is the Eye Love You Bracelet. Attached by a simple gold chain are three shapes: an almond-shaped eye, outline in gold with an inner eye of white enamel (sclera) and black diamond (pupil); a basic red heart; and the letter U encrusted with white diamonds. Another interesting piece is her OK! necklace, a gold chain with a dangling hand that has its thumb and forefinger shaped into an “O” and the remaining fingers raised—the well-known hand gesture for something that is “a-okay.” As Chemla herself describes it, this collection is “a thoughtful and cheeky commentary on the expression of feelings—from the banal to the intimate—through the language of emoticons.”

To check out her work, visit: In the coming days we will feature still more inventive designers’ 2014 creations.

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