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A Gift for Everyone: Part 2

In this post, the second installment of our series on finding the gift that’s exactly right for you (and your wallet), we discuss some great holiday jewelry options.  For gift ideas in the hundreds or thousands, please check out the previous post.


Continuing from where we left off:



The intricate design of these earrings suggests any number of images. At a quick glance these paper thin, silver earrings appear somewhat floral, but in honor of the winter season I would call them downright snowflake-like. With a closer look, though, you’ll actually realize that the design is made up of intricately interwoven hearts. Whichever way you decide to see it, they are clearly an appropriate design for this particular season, a time we welcome winter wonderlands as well as warmth of heart.

Web link:



Didn’t think you could find this? Well, you’re half right. You likely won’t find a gold bracelet in this price range. But if you’re looking for the perfect gift, remember that there are plenty of ways to say, “I love you.” Just about everyone has, at some point in life, cut a snowflake with a pair of safety scissors and some folded printer paper. You’ve got almost everything you need right there. Add a bit of string or yarn—some beads or sequins, if you want to get crazy—and you have the material for a heartfelt gift just in time for the holidays.

(You don’t need a web link for this one. It’s already there at home.)


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