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A Gift for Everyone: Part 1

Looking for something to get that special someone?  Here are some seasonal gift suggestions in a variety of price ranges:


Let’s pick a max price in the quadruple-digits and look at Tiffany’s double heart ring. Set in platinum, the multiple diamonds of this ring swirl into what Tiffany’s describes as two hearts, one facing upward and one, like a reflection, just below it.  That itself is an apt sentiment for the gift-giving season. The truth is, with additional diamonds curving out of the sides as well, this “double heart” has more of a four-leaf clover sort of shape. Actually, if you squint just right, it may strike you as the magical tumble of a snowstorm that keeps you cuddled up warmly inside the house.

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Obviously the hundred-dollar category offers a wide range of options to select from, but if you’re looking for something on the mid-to-lower end of this spectrum, you can take a look at Jan Leslie’s enamel cuff-links. They come in three colors: red, blue, and purple. The sharp-edged star shape engraved at the center looks like an elegant outline of a snowflake, especially if you look at the pair in blue. The design is two stars (alternatively, flowers), one inscribed within the other. The outer star is a deep, navy blue, surrounded by a much lighter pastel hue at the edges and center.

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Stay tuned for the next categories.

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