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Viking Style

This week,  Moon Raven Designs, a small and unusual design studio, released a handful of new handmade jewelry pieces.  Moon Raven Designs’ style has a definite rustic and simultaneously on-the-edge look, notably with their animal styled pieces of jewelry.  One of the new pieces is a solid bronze ax pendant, about an inch long, with curved edges on a rusty black chain, which continues the theme of the ax.  This necklace will surely bring out your inner Viking.  Another new item is a small elephant pendant necklace which comes in solid bronze or silver plated.  Moon Raven Designs only made the elephant`s head, emphasizing and slightly enlarging the ears, while putting much detail into the trunk and tusks.

Michael Doyle founded Moon Raven Designs in 1974, and works with his daughter to create handmade and distinctive designs, unyielding in his vision of not following the “current fashion trends.”   Their inspiration comes from nature with a slightly ghoulish sense that makes their jewelry both unique and edgy.  Go ahead and be different by wearing one of their pieces.

Moon Raven Designs new items:

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