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John Hardy and His Snakes

Yesterday, John Hardy, a designer famous for his Asian-themed jewelry, released a new piece to his Naga Collection.  The new piece continues the Naga theme with a snake head covered in black sapphire, with red sapphire eyes, at the end of a multi-coiled bracelet, which subtly gives a more snake-like feel.  The coils are sterling silver, painted over in a black enamel, with the design looking scaly, and slightly evil.

John Hardy, founder of his eponymous company in 1975, was inspired by earthly religions like Hinduism and Buddhism for his Naga collection.  Both religions believe in an entity that possesses the power to turn into a snake, the Naga.  In Hinduism, Nagas are considered to be protectors of the springs, wells and rivers, while in Buddhism there is a belief that they live in underground streams and protect treasure and gold.  John Hardy is also very environmentally conscious, having established his company’s slogan,   “Greener Every Day” with the goal that his company to become carbon neutral.

Find the newly added piece to the Naga Collection:

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