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A Charming Autumn from Pandora

Pandora, the jewelry company most famously known for their make-your-own charm bracelet, released a sneak peak of their new Autumn Collection.  One of the pieces released is a silver clip with a five-petaled flower in black, outlined in cubic zirconia, perhaps representing the death of plants as the weather gets colder, transitioning from summer to fall.  A second piece in the collection continues the autumn theme with a silver ring splitting off in the front to form two branches with many silver leaves.

Pandora, founded in 1982, is recognized for its charms, bracelets, rings, earrings, and necklaces that allow you to mix and combine, creating and defining your personal style.  Pandora is most closely associated with the popularization of charm bracelets in recent years, but the idea of a charm bracelet dates back to ancient times.  Originally, charm bracelets were worn as a form of amulet to ward off evil spirits, evolving to a form of identification, a symbol of faith, and at the end of War World II, soldiers would bring back charms for their wives.  So if you will be away from your loved ones for some of the fall, buying a charm bracelet from Pandora may be just the way to express your love.

The Autumn Collection:

(to view the sneak-peak, you have to be a member of the website)

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