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Cartier Announces New Orchid Jewelry Line

This week, Cartier, the world famous jewelry design company, released a new jewelry line: a diamond and rock crystal twist on the orchid, Cartier`s floral emblem.  Cartier has reinvented a flower by lifting it out of a vase and redesigning it as a masterpiece resting on the ears and neck of a woman.  The new line contains a pink gold orchid ring with a gold petal dotted with morganites.  Another piece within the collection takes a more sophisticated and traditional look with pink gold orchid earrings and a brilliant gem dangling like a tear drop from the petal of the flower in morganites.

Since the establishment of Cartier in 1847, the world has recognized the company for its unique style and elegant craftsmanship.  Flora has always been a part of Cartier`s jewelry collections since the beginning, including, roses, irises, daisies, lilies, and of course the orchid.  Cartier believes the orchid is the queen of the garden for its beauty, inspiring them to elegantly capture its essence in their jewelry.

Cartier’s Orchid Collection:

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