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Buccellati Dreaming

At last week’s Paris Couture, the most anticipated fashion week of the year, Buccellati, known for its unique style, introduced their Bracelets de Rêves (Dream Bracelet) Collection.  The collection consists of bangles and cuff bracelets, decorated in various diamonds and gems, capturing the height of Italian fashion.  “Dream 17” is a white gold cuff bracelet with an oversized tourmaline gemstone in the center, encased in a gold rim and surrounded by diamonds with a gold design running through, giving the whole bracelet a dramatic appearance – a definite eye catcher.   The line includes many more distinct bracelets with intricate diamond and colored gemstone designs, that will showcase the individuality of the wearer.

Buccellati, is both a contemporary designer jewelry brand and also the last name of a family whose passion for crafting was passed on from generation to generation.  In the eighteenth-century, Contardo Buccellati, a silversmith, opened a workshop in Italy for silverware and jewelry. Mario Buccellati, a goldsmith and a relative to Contardo, re-established the workshop in the early 1900’s and began to mold jewelry masterpieces.  His son, Gianmaria, has also shown his own passion for jewelry, founding the Italian Gemological Institute, and in 1979, opening his flagship store in Paris.

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