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Alexis Bittar Introduces Miss Havisham

This week, Alexis Bittar, known for his signature lucite bangles, released the “Miss Havisham” collection for fall.  Striving for an exclusive look, his new pieces push boundaries with geometrical and unusual shapes.  One necklace for the fall line has gold spikes, one of which is encrusted in diamonds, creating a modern, sophisticated glow.   The collection’s cuff bracelet uses delicate gold chains to create a flowing, liquid effect in gold for an edgy appearance.

Alexis Bittar, often considered as one of the most talented jewelry designers, sells his modernistic jewelry in over 30 countries.  He explained that the Miss Havisham collection was inspired by his early years in New York, but we can’t help but note the irony of his new, edgy and modern line being named for a character in Great Expectations who was stuck in the past.

Miss Havisham fall collection:

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