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The True Color of the Diamond

Diamonds… a girl’s best friend.  They come in all shapes and sizes… and colors, too.

It used to be that the all-time favorite for an engagement ring was a round, or brilliant, cut white diamond.  And although it still remains a favorite, princess cuts and ovals are rising in popularity, too.  But that will be a topic for another post.

Now I want to talk about diamond colors.  Most diamonds are white, but for those who want something different and unique, an engagement ring with color in the diamond is the latest fashion.  Every year it seems as though a new color of diamond becomes popular.  In recent years, we have seen canary yellow and more recently, chocolate brown.  But until this year, I had never seen an orange diamond.

In November, Christies’ auction house sold a 14-carat vivid orange diamond for $35MM.  The expected sale price had been $20 million, but its unique color enticed bidders even higher.  In pictures it is magnificent – I can only imagine the color in person.   (Later that month, a 60 carat pink diamond set an all-time record for any diamond at $83MM!)

Diamonds are graded by using the 4 C’s: cut, clarity, color and carat.  Colored diamonds are graded in their clarity and color differently than are a colorless diamond.  The deeper the color, the rarer the diamond is, and the more valuable it will be.  The clarity then becomes less important because the faults will be less noticeable.   Colorless diamonds are cut to maximize their brilliance, while colored diamonds are cut to showcase their color.

So to sum things up, it doesn’t matter how you slice it, colored or colorless, a diamond is a true beauty of nature, and we can appreciate them in any color or shape.


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