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The Art of Jewelry

Jewelry, while always an opportunity for a woman to accent an outfit with some extra flash, has become more of an art statement in recent years, and art-inspired jewelry is more popular than ever now.  Necklaces, bracelets and earrings alike are designed with extreme and unexpected colors by using beads, colored enamels or gems as well as sculpted pieces of metal, whether it be gold, silver, stainless steel or brass.










When wearing some of these art pieces, most wear clothing with simple lines, so that it doesn’t compete with the jewelry.  Many wear these pieces, mostly necklaces, to compliment an outfit for a special occasion, like a wedding, opera or a fancy dinner out.













Many women have adopted the mode of wearing “art” in their hair.  One high fashion trend we have seen is headbands that are made of spun metals and adorned with precious gems, stones and even pearls.  The head jewelry has been worn with a mixture of clothing ensembles, anything from Boho chic to elegant evening gowns.














Wearing these pieces of art makes a bold statement as the jewelry stands out more than the outfit (and maybe even the wearer) and catches others’ attention.  But by doing so, you send a message of both style and taste but also of a unique ability to strike out in a new direction away from the crowd.

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