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Going Through Life with Rose-Colored Gold

I was wandering through a department store the other day and my eye caught a beautiful necklace in the display case.  It was a simple necklace of rose-colored gold, with a single diamond in the middle.  As I looked through the rest of the case, I noticed other pieces of jewelry with the rose gold.  They were stunning!  It brought me back to the late 1980’s,  when I received a beautiful necklace made from the same material, as a graduation present.

As I looked further, I noticed some pieces had a mixture of all three metal colors:  yellow, rose and white gold.  The aspects of each piece were different, but they had one common bond—they were beautiful.  If you want to get technical, the colors are a result of different amounts of gold, copper and nickel in the piece.  I leave that to the chemists — I just enjoy the results of their magic.


If you never owned a piece of rose-colored jewelry alone or mixed with other colors, now is the time to purchase a piece.  It is classic, it is timeless and it is without a doubt, elegant—just like the piece I keep in my jewelry box all these years.  And I’m so glad that I did!!



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