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Vintage: What’s Old is New

What’s trending now is vintage-inspired jewelry.

Jewelry that is vintage-inspired is sweeping through all jewelry categories right now.  Pendants with filigree work or encrusted with gems are soaring in popularity.  Earrings are also inspired by this look, including chandeliers and posts styles.  The metal colors which are being used for these jewelry pieces are rhodium plated silver and oxidized silver for a more authentic look.  Oxidized silver has a blackened look to it, and almost gives a tarnished cast to the piece of jewelry.   It has an appearance of being around for 20 or 50 years, but it is new.


Why is vintage so popular?  I think it is the sense of the past being more elegant.  Jewelry, clothes and buildings all have an air of beauty when they come from a different time period. Think of Hollywood in the ’30s or ’40s or the Jazz Age when women wore beautiful pieces of jewelry to adorn their beautiful, flowing dresses and furs.  Think Jean Harlow or Lana Turner.

So go through your mother’s old jewelry, girls, and pick out some pieces to wear.  if there isn’t anything that sends thrills through you, then visit a store or go online and do some shopping. The sky’s the limit.


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