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Archive for March, 2013

Spring Sparkles

Spring has arrived. Soon the spring flowers will be blooming and the skies clearing. One of the sure signs of the season is that spring fashions have started to pop-up in the stores and boutiques. The colors are vivid — bright shades of reds, corals, blues and greens. Yellow is mixed with unexpected shades like gun-metal grey or turquoise. Pastels remain popular, and neon seems to be everywhere.

Jewelry is reflecting these color trends more than ever. In the market place we are seeing shades of pale green and peach gemstones mixed together. We are seeing different shadings of blue topaz from light and pale to bright and brilliant. And, some new topaz colors are sprouting up: pink and even hot pink.

It’s all out there. Ready to make a special outfit sing a new song or liven up an old favorite with something new? The spring jewelry trends are a fresh bouquet of colors just waiting to be picked.

The 6mm Bezel is Back

Back in Stock: One of our best-selling items, the Bezel Set 6mm Diamond CZ Solitaire Necklace in Sterling Silver, is back! This necklace is beautiful. The high-quality 6mm CZ is the size of a 0.84 carat diamond with just as much sparkle. Order now — they move quickly! See it here.

March Jewelry Give-Away Results

Congratulations to Dorothy who won the drawing for the March Jewelry Give-Away. We will be sending her a CZ-by-the-Yard necklace as her prize.

Watch for the April contest. You could be the next winner. And remember to tell your friends about the contest — every referral gets you an extra entry.

Silver, the New Gold

Gold and platinum have been around forever as the go-to metals for jewelry. Everyone likes the idea of getting a diamond engagement ring set in these two metals because it shows a certain sign of wealth and stature.

But, due to the fact that gold and platinum are traded commercially in the financial markets, the prices fluctuate up and down when the markets are up and down. Right now, and it has been noted, that the price of gold has soared more so than the other precious metals since 2008 when the financial markets crashed. The markets are still trying to navigate their way to coming back to where they were. It’s a sign of people’s anxiety about the future that even as the Dow set an all-time record today, gold prices remain 100% higher than in 2008.

In the mean time, a girl still has to have her jewelry, right? So this is where silver comes in. Silver is the new gold. You find it everywhere, from engagement rings to beautiful tennis necklaces. Bracelets with semi -precious stones and colored cubic zirconia are all the rage now. If you think diamonds come in every color, you should see the colors they have in cubic zirconia!! And, some silver jewelry comes rhodium plated so it stays shiny all of the time. No tarnishing. That’s incredible!!

Do you know what’s even better? You can buy gold-plated silver now, too, so if you like the look of yellow gold, but can’t afford it, you can have gold-plated silver and no one knows but you. So, if you are thinking of buying someone a gift, or if you just want to treat yourself, silver is the way to go.